30 Best Microwave Presidents Day 2023 Sale & Deals – What To Expect

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Here I have picked the Presidents Day Kitchen Appliances Sales for you. During these sales, you can save up to $100 on Microwave Oven from top brands like Panasonic, Bella, and Toshiba. So don’t miss the deals and choose your favorite Microwave Oven.

Many retailers — including Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and more — are offering deep discounts on a range of items for the Presidents Day weekend. Many stores have big sales for the Presidents Day, especially since many people have off because it is a federal holiday.

If you’re looking for a quick way to heat food or to save time, a microwave is a must-have in your kitchen. There are many options available on the market, with different sizes, power, and cooking options.

Microwave Presidents Day Sales 2023

You may have a microwave that isn’t functioning as well as before, or you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t really need one. Keep reading if your microwave isn’t working as well as it used to, or if you have somehow convinced yourself that you don’t need one (Ummm???). We have searched the internet for the best microwave deals this Labor Day. And yes, even though it isn’t quite Memorial yet, stores are spreading out their deals all November long. We’ll be updating this page frequently leading up to Black Friday, but there should still be plenty of deals to buy!

Microwave Labor Day Sale

Panasonic NN-SN736B Black 1.6 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology (Save $100) – Get Deals
Panasonic NN-SN651B Countertop Microwave with Inverter Technology, 1.2 cu. ft, Black – Save 10%
GE JES1097SMSS Smart Countertop Microwave Oven, Works with Alexa – Save $20
Sharp R-21LCF Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave (Save $50) –Get Deals

Sharp Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven (15-0429) – Get Deals
Panasonic NE-1025F Silver 1000W Commercial Microwave Oven – Get 16% OFF
Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven with Sound on/Off Eco Mode – Get 30% OFF

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor Easy Clean Interior – Get 35% OFF


Save 15% on a Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven
Get a Toshiba Microwave Oven for only $82
Get 20% off a GE Appliances Countertop Microwave
Save $12 on a Panasonic Countertop Microwave Oven
Get 15% off a Kenmore Compact Countertop Microwave
Save $27 on a Samsung Countertop Grill Microwave Oven

Bed Bath and Beyond

Get $50 off a Galanz SpeedWave 3-in-1 Convection Oven
Save $200 on a Galanz a ToastWave Countertop Oven

Best Buy

Get $30 off an Insignia Microwave
Get $50 off an LG NeoChef Countertop Microwave
Save $30 on an LG NeoChef Compact Microwave
Save $23 on an LG NeoChef Mid-Size Microwave
Save $71 on a GE Full-Size Microwave


Get 20% off a Cuisinart Stainless Steel Microwave
Get 20% off a Black & Decker Digital Microwave
Get 20% off a Farberware Classic Microwave Oven
Get 20% off a Nostalgia Retro Series Microwave
Get 20% off a Toshiba Black Stainless Steel Microwave
Browse additional microwaves for 20% off


Get $20 off a Farberware Professional Microwave Oven
Get $30 off a Costway Retro Countertop Microwave Oven
Save $12 on a Galanz ExpressWave Microwave Oven
Save $10 on a Farberware Microwave Oven
Get $90 off a Costway Programmable Microwave Oven
Get $30 off an Avanti Touch Microwave


Get 44% off a Zline Studio Microwave Drawer
Get 40% off a ToastWave Countertop Convection Microwave
Get 15% off a Cosmo Built-in Microwave


out of stock
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
in stock
3 new from $61.82
1 used from $62.74
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
in stock
34 used from $58.62
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
in stock
5 new from $90.81
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
in stock
2 new from $140.00
17 used from $70.00
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
in stock
5 new from $111.65
4 used from $114.29
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
in stock
1 used from $161.00
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
in stock
3 used from $51.10
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
in stock
7 used from $75.58
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
in stock
5 new from $119.95
as of March 24, 2023 5:36 am
Last updated on March 24, 2023 5:36 am

What are the most reliable microwaves? What should I look for?

Jones stresses the need of putting the microwave’s practicality first when making a purchase, as this will make your daily meal preparations much less of a chore.

Specifically, “look for items like an incorporated rack, a spacious turntable for food, and a capacity that meets the needs of your home and the amount of food you usually prepare,” she says. A microwave with a capacity of 1.1 to 1.5 cubic feet is a good choice for most households.

Jones recommends looking for a microwave with convection cooking capabilities, which means the microwave can circulate the heat around the food within the microwave for more uniform heating and speedier cooking.

Types Of Microwave Ovens

  • Microwave only: This is the simplest of all the options. The standard microwave can heat, steam, defrost and heat your food. This is ideal for people who frequently use microwave meals, soups, and vegetables.
  • Microwave with grill main problem with standard microwaves is the fact that the oven’s air is always at room temperature. This means you can’t get a crust on your food. A microwave equipped with a grill has all the same features as a regular microwave but also offers the additional benefit of a grill. You can use it to grill meats or fish or even make pizza. This is a great alternative to the traditional oven if you have limited culinary skills and are short on space.
  • Combi Microwave: The combi option is more like a mini microwave than a microwave. It includes the same features as the regular microwave but also has the option to grill. Sometimes, it even includes a steam function and convection oven. This is a great space-saving option for those who live in small apartments or don’t have a kitchen.
  • Microwave Integrated: Integrated microwaves are designed to fit in your kitchen as easily as possible. They come in regular and large sizes. Many have handles at the front for easy access.

Is the Black Friday a good time to buy a microwave?

Waiting until the Black Friday 2022 to see what deals you can get on a new microwave is a great idea.

You can save between 20-50% on most things, but sometimes you may be able to get even more savings if your timing is right.

Avoid impulse buying and take a look at the prices of the models you are interested in well in advance to be able to assess the discount opportunities.

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