Top 16 Wyze Cam Presidents Day 2023 Sale & Deals

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Even though Wyze has only been around for three years, the smart home security industry has taken notice. Wyze is well-known for providing excellent smart home security at a fraction of the cost of competitors, with their $20 Wyze Cam having features rivalling devices five times the cost. You may also anticipate significantly lower prices on Presidents Day… right? I propose that we look into it.

Wyze provides excellent smart home cameras and devices that simplify the process of monitoring and controlling your property’s safety and convenience. Everything is handled using a mobile application. The Wyze Cam is the flagship product of the brand and serves as a solid entry-level option for home surveillance. With this camera, you can see and hear anyone is at your door in crystal-clear 1080p Full HD, even at night, and carry on a conversation with them thanks to the camera’s two-way audio and microphone.

The Wyze Cam retails for $19.99, while the Wyze Cam Pan costs $29.99 and the Wyze Sense’s basic kit can be purchased for $19.99. Of course, in order to achieve the level of control and security you desire in your house, you may need to invest in more than one. Still, I think you’ll find that these are really reasonable costs considering what you receive. There may be choices open to you if you wish to cut costs even more.

Wyze Cam Presidents Day 2023

It’s disappointing to learn that Wyze has never held a After Christmas sale previously, and the outlook for 2020 isn’t any better. Not a sale, but still technically a Black Friday promotion, the Wyze Cam Black1 limited edition was offered in 2018. Sigh.

Wyze Cam Black Friday

What Are Presidents Day Sales on Wyze Cam?

All of the listed costs are for the most inexpensive cameras available. You have the option to upgrade, select from a variety of designs, and even buy multiple cameras. However, if you want a bespoke solution for your home, you’ll probably need to invest on a reasonably priced camera. Options to save money on a Wyze Cam this Black Friday could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

For the Wyze Cam, no After Christmas discounts have been offered as of yet. The corporation probably won’t publicise these until a couple of weeks before the holiday, at the earliest. You can usually bet on these discounts being offered, however we cannot yet reveal the specifics of what they will be.

What About Presidents Day Deals on Wyze Cam?

The Wyze team has the option of running a Cyber Monday sale on home security and automation products. These are the most difficult deals to learn about in advance of time, as the company typically does not publicise them until the day of the event (if it announces it at all). Still, if you’re looking to buy one of these cameras, now is a fantastic moment to do it.

How Can You Get the Best Deal on Wyze Cam?

If you want things to go as smoothly as possible, check back here. Get the lowest possible prices and first dibs on sales right here, guaranteed. There will never be an out-of-date Wyze Cam review on our site; we update it as soon as we learn of any new deals, specials, or discounts being offered by the manufacturer. The good news is that the business regularly runs attractive discounts. You need not wait until the holidays to purchase one of these items; in fact, they are reasonably priced right off the bat. Check out the current deals carefully.

in stock
4 new from $35.98
1 used from $35.62
as of March 28, 2023 8:29 am
in stock
2 new from $49.98
as of March 28, 2023 8:29 am
in stock
3 used from $36.33
as of March 28, 2023 8:29 am
in stock
1 used from $67.09
as of March 28, 2023 8:29 am
in stock
2 new from $98.95
as of March 28, 2023 8:29 am
Last updated on March 28, 2023 8:29 am


Is Wyze no longer free?

Wyze cameras have no monthly fees; you simply pay for the cameras themselves. Absolutely no commitment is required, and neither is there a recurring monthly charge. Cam Plus, available for $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year, includes person identification and an infinite video clip length (for one camera, that is).

Are Wyze cameras worth it?

All Wyze Cameras are remarkably affordable, especially considering they have capabilities often found in cameras costing far over $100. The Wyze Cam v3 is an excellent choice if you need a cheap, high-quality indoor/outdoor camera. You can supplement it with additional Wyze cameras, such as those installed outside or on your doorbell.

Can I use Wyze security without subscription?

Is a subscription to Wyze Cams required? That’s correct, and in two senses. Livestreaming, receiving notifications, and remote management of your cameras are all possible through the Wyze app without a Cam Plus subscription because all Wyze Cams come with free cloud recording with up to 12-second video snippets.


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