What You Should Know About Soothe 2 Plugin Black Friday 2022

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When Oeksound updated their original release, they raised the bar for digital audio processing. Soothe2’s resonance suppressing engine is what makes it stand out as a tool for bettering audio production. Its internal mechanism can identify unwanted resonances and adjust the loudness accordingly. Use the huge visualizer as an equaliser to dial in the incoming signal. Change the low shelf, bell, band shelf, high shelf, band reject, tilt, low pass, or high pass using as many as six EQ points. Use the listen tool to zero in on a certain frequency while you adjust the volume, Q, and balance for each frequency point. When using Soothe2, you can boost the volume selectively in the specific areas where it’s needed. Besides adjusting the volume reduction’s attack and release times, you can tweak its depth, sharpness, selectivity, soft knee, hard knee, balancing, sidechain, and stereo width. For guitars, drums, basses, vocals, synthesisers, piano, orchestra, and even mastering, there are more than 115 presets to choose from.

Soothe 2 Plugin Black Friday 2022

In 2017, Soothe released its initial version. Since then, there has been a lot of talk about it, and rightfully so. Its value was immediately recognised in a variety of fields, including post-production and music.

Soothe 2, an improved version of the original plugin released around a year ago. Simply by looking at the screen, Soothe 2 is able to detect undesired resonances and apply the necessary corrections, just like the original. This creates a mellower, more well-rounded tone. Users are also spared the trouble of having to manually filter out unwanted frequencies.

Soothe 2 Plugin Black Friday

The filter only engages when necessary, and has no effect on neighbouring frequencies. This ensures that the sound’s original timbre is preserved, allowing for a clean, natural processing with few artefacts.

Soothe can cure a wide variety of issues by softening the harshness, sibilance, and muck in any sound. The Soothe plugin is capable of numerous tasks, including the following:

  • Remove harshness from close miked sound sources
    Transparently manage sibilance in vocals and dialogue
    Treat uneven tonal balance from poor recordings
    Clear muddiness, boominess, and proximity effect
    Soften overly bright guitar and piano recordings
    Tame piercing synth sounds
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