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Savers Black Friday 2022 Sale & Deals – What to Expect

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The 50 percent off sale is coming up on Black Friday, Mon., Feb. 21! Get half off all used clothing, shoes, accessories and items marked bed and bath. Stores open bright and early at 7 am!

Savers Black Friday 2022

We enjoy visiting the Savers Thrift Store during their annual sales of 50% off. We also love to prepare for these sales using some of our shops at Savers strategies and by cleaning out our closets, taking a suitcase or two of clothes, and taking them home to give away before going shopping.

Savers Black Friday

Don’t forget to pack your bags made of reusable as Savers will charge $.10 per bag of paper. I prefer the large bags at Ikea bags (which are also available from Amazon)because shopping carts can’t leave the store, and these bags can allow you to carry more bags in one go.

How do you get 20% off at savers?

When a member’s email address and date of birth are on file, the member will receive a discount code good for 20% off a single purchase of up to $50 in the form of an email on their birthday. Guidelines for the Super Savers Club®. Do you have any other inquiries?

How much are Black Friday savings?

Some raises in 2022 were on par with those in 2020. But overall, bargains were not as appealing as in recent years. On Black Friday 2022, the cost of computers dropped by 13.6%, compared to a drop of 29% the year before. Compared to the year 2020, toy prices have been reduced by 22.4%.


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