20 Supercool Presidents Day 2023 Deals on Razer Viper Ultimate

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Razer Viper UltimateIf you’re looking for a new gaming mouse, don’t pass up this incredible discount on a Razer Viper Ultimate. This professional gaming mouse is now on sale for $49.99, a savings of nearly half, at both GameStop and Amazon.

Several times in the past year, the Razer Viper Ultimate has been discounted on Amazon, but never before has it been available for less than $70. Keep in mind that this is the mouse-only bundle. The mouse and charging dock set is currently $40 discounted at GameStop, bringing the total price to $89.99. You’re still getting a competitive option from our best wireless gaming mouse list, however the price is higher than if you bought just the mouse on its own.

Our 2019 review found that the expensive cost of the Razer Viper Ultimate wireless mouse was one of its few disadvantages. Without it, you get one of the most responsive 20k sensors we’ve ever tested, on par with a wired mouse. In terms of cost and functionality, it can now hold its own.

Here are Razer Viper Ultimate Presidents Day Deals 2023

Regardless of what you throw at it, the Razer Viper Ultimate will perform admirably. Both the wired and wireless versions of this mouse have exceptional sensor performance and exceptionally low click latency. It’s built with both lefties and righties in mind, having two sets of side buttons that can be set to any combination you like. It has a sturdy, well-made feel and the low-profile shape is surprisingly cosy. Its diminutive size makes it ideal for a fingertip grasp, while those with palm or claw grips will also find it to their liking. The charging dock doubles as a range booster for the receiver, maximising the device’s usefulness.

Razer Viper Ultimate Black Friday

In first-person shooter games, the Razer Viper Ultimate shines. Wire- or wireless, the click latency is so low that even the most skilled players won’t detect a difference. It has a good sensor and is not too heavy. Its design makes it easy to hold by the fingertips regardless of hand size, while those with particularly large hands may have trouble using a palm or claw grip.

The Viper Ultimate’s portability and versatility as an ambidextrous mouse won us over. We also found its battery life to be quite good during our evaluation testing. It went the whole week without needing a charge, which is impressive. Using it for days on end without worrying about running out is convenient, and a full charge takes approximately two hours.

That’s a valid reason to skip the charging dock combo and grab a steal on a high-quality mouse. It makes sense to go with the more affordable plan if you need to use an electrical outlet no more than once every week for a few hours.

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