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Top 6 Rangefinder Memorial Day Sales 2023 & Deals: What to Expect

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Memorial Day 2023 is here and you have the best chance to save your money on an Rangefinder from your favourite stores. So read this article and get the complete information about this deal.

Rangefinders are part of an ever-evolving class of cutting-edge technology. There are a slew of uses for these small electronic devices. Nearly a century ago, the mechanism was first used in conjunction with cameras. Recently, these useful instruments have been used for solo performances in a wide range of jobs.

This guidebook focuses on the most important aspects of these cutting-edge technologies. We’ll start with a look at the top sound rangefinders currently on the market before going into detail about their most important features. Minor changes allow these machines to be used for a variety of different tasks while maintaining their operational principles.

Here are list of Rangefinder Memorial Day Sales 2023

Model NameOffers Link
Vortex Crossfire HD 1400 Laser Rangefinder now $179.99 was $199.99 @ Bass Pro ShopsView on Bass Pro Shops
Callaway Golf Laser Rangefinders Now $179.99 was $199.99 @ Dicks Sporting GoodsView on Dick's Sporting Goods
BUSHNELL GOLF Tour V5 Patriot Now $249 was $299 @ Dicks Sporting GoodsView on Dick's Sporting Goods
Vortex Ranger 1300 Rangefinder with HCD Now $279 was $299 @ CabelasView on Cabelas

Vortex Crossfire HD 1400 Laser Rangefinder now $179.99 was $199.99 @ Bass Pro Shops

Rangefinder Presidents Day SalesYou can trust the Vortex Crossfire HD 1400 Laser Rangefinder to help you hit your target every time. It can see objects up to 1400 yards away and has an HD optical system for sharp, detailed photos. The rangefinder can withstand the elements and may be used in harsh outdoor circumstances. The Vortex Crossfire HD 1400 Laser Rangefinder is presently on sale at Bass Pro Shops for $179.99, representing a discount of $20 off its typical price of $199.99.

View on Bass Pro Shops


Callaway Golf Laser Rangefinders Now $179.99 was $199.99 @ Dicks Sporting Goods

Callaway Golf Laser Rangefinders

Golf rangefinders come in numerous shapes and sizes, but the Callaway Laser is the one we’ve chosen since it contains everything you’re looking for.

When you first look at the laser, you’ll find it’s really precise. As a matter of fact, the distance you need to swing your club is measured to within a yard and the slope of the ground. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to figuring out how far you have to go uphill.

View on Dicks Sports Goods


BUSHNELL GOLF Tour V5 Patriot Now $249 was $299 @ Dicks Sporting Goods


At Dicks Sporting Goods, you can get the Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot for $249, down from the regular price of $299. Golfers, here is your chance to save money on a premium rangefinder. It has cutting-edge technologies like PinSeeker with JOLT and 6x magnification to help golfers better aim their shots. Prices may have changed since this was published; please contact the shop for the most up-to-date pricing information.

View on Dick’s Sporting Goods

Vortex Ranger 1300 Rangefinder with HCD Now $279 was $299 @ Cabelas

At Cabela’s, you can get the Vortex Ranger 1300 rangefinder with HCD for $279, down from its regular price of $299. The high-quality HCD display and 6x magnification included in this rangefinder make it simple to receive precise readings on the golf course or in the field. It’s a dependable weapon for hunters and outdoor lovers, with a range of up to 1300 yards. It is recommended that you call the shop to get the most up-to-date pricing information.

View on Cabela’s


Golf Rangefinder Buyer’s Guide



This is a question you haven’t pondered before, but one that you really should. Having a unit with a “Slope” feature makes it easier to compute your exact number to the hole if you live in a location where there are substantial elevation changes on the course. To get an even more accurate reading, some rangefinders even factor both temperature and barometric pressure.

Slope rangefinders are typically more expensive, which may discourage you from spending the extra money for one. However, if you live in an area where it’s worth the extra money, it may be worth it in the long term. Players of a higher skill level will also appreciate the units’ high level of precision.

You may want to select a less priced model without the Slope function if you’re a novice or play on a course that is quite flat. You can buy a second dozen balls with the extra cash you have on hand.

Battery Life

Even though it’s a major factor, many golfers overlook it before making a purchase. The battery life of a typical device isn’t as critical as it is for some of the other options we’ll explore. There are inexpensive replacement batteries available, so you can have a spare in your golf bag if you want to be prepared in case of emergency.

Most apps, despite their usefulness and low cost, deplete your phone’s battery, even if they’re free. There is a risk of draining your battery life if you’re also checking your email, social media accounts or reacting to texts while playing a sluggish session. It’s possible to avoid a dead phone in the middle of a game by carrying a backup “juice pack,” but this isn’t an option for everyone.

However, with many GPS watches now boasting everyday functioning rather than just a glorified GPS device on your wrist, you don’t have to worry about the watch going out for numerous rounds when you charge it up before your round.

There is no substitute for keeping track of how much juice you’re getting out of your devices. Even if one is less expensive, the inconvenience of having to recharge it on a regular basis could quickly wear you down. It’s just something to keep in mind when you’re making a purchase.



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