NBA 2K22 After Christmas 2022 Sales & Deals: What to Expect

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The After Christmas sales have begun, and they’re off to a roaring start! With this new discount, NBA 2K22 is only $26 on PS5 and Xbox Series X. That’s a ridiculously low price for a game that came out in September.

You can save $44 off the list price with this offer. There is no better time than the now to purchase NBA 2K22. Don’t miss out on this great bargain, which is unquestionably one of the best Black Friday offers we’ve seen so far!

NBA 2K22 improves upon its predecessors in a number of ways that will appeal to basketball fans. The new stamina system in this year’s game makes for smoother offensive play compared to NBA 2K21, which is a big plus for fans of the series. It’s the newest instalment in a long line of NBA video games, and it’s available for only $26.

If you’re looking to treat yourself or get a head start on your holiday shopping, NBA 2K22 is currently discounted to $26 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This is such a great price that I doubt it will last until the end of Black Friday, so you should probably take advantage of it as soon as possible.

NBA 2K22 After Christmas Deals 2022

NBA 2K22 Black Friday Deals

in stock
41 new from $29.99
1 used from $29.69
Free shipping
in stock
25 new from $12.95
25 used from $9.05
Free shipping
in stock
10 new from $22.21
52 used from $1.99
Free shipping
in stock
15 new from $25.88
6 used from $23.85
in stock
1 new from $30.00
in stock
1 new from $49.95
52 used from $1.99
in stock
1 new from $7.99
in stock
1 new from $19.99
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How do I get discounts on NBA 2k games on After Christmas 2022?

Before and on Black Friday in 2022, you may save money on NBA 2K games in a few different ways. The first is to preorder the game. You may get it via the NBA 2k website or some shops. Alternatively, you can join the NBA 2k League and compete for the title. This is a global online competition where you can compete with competitors from all around the world. One final option for saving money on NBA 2K games is to buy from secondary markets. In addition to offering speedier shipping timeframes, these vendors frequently offer lower pricing than established shops.


Will 2K22 go on sale for Black Friday?

We anticipate that the NBA 2K22 Black Friday sale, which has not yet been verified, will also include in-game discounts. In-game bonuses for NBA 2K22 will be available beginning around Black Friday, November 26, 2021, and running through Cyber Monday, November 30, 2021.

How long will NBA 2K22 be on sale?

NBA 2K22 is currently available on the PlayStation Store for $23.09, while the 75th Anniversary Edition can be purchased for $32.99. The sale is only available till April 27th, so don’t wait.

How many sales does NBA 2K22 have?

Sales were propelled by popular series like “Grand Theft Auto,” “NBA 2K,” and “Red Dead Redemption.” In fiscal Q4, digital delivery accounted for $833 million in sales, an increase of 9% year over year. Since September 9, 2021, sales of “NBA 2K22” have surpassed 10 million units, making it the single largest contribution.

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