Top 3 Marshall Emberton II Speaker Presidents Day 2023 Sales & Deals

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Checking out the Presidents Day sales for a new Bluetooth speaker? Then check out these awesome Marshall Emberton II Speaker discounts on Amazon, which show that you don’t need a lot of money to sound like a rock star.

Similar in appearance to its predecessor, the Marshall Emberton II is the second generation of the original Marshall Emberton. Marshall’s classic amplifier design inspired the Emberton II. Along with the even more compact Marshall Willen, this speaker is part of Marshall’s series of portable speakers, allowing you to take your music with you wherever life may take you. In contrast to the original Emberton, the Marshall Emberton II can be paired with additional Emberton II speakers for a more powerful sound, and it can also be controlled by the Marshall Bluetooth app for access to EQ presets.

You can listen to music on a Marshall Emberton II. The sound is well-balanced, making it great for listening to a wide variety of music and podcasts. Vocals and lead instruments are presented clearly thanks to the well-balanced mid-range, while the bass is given a little extra warmth and boom to round out the sound. Furthermore, the soundstage is excellent, giving the impression of depth and width. Unfortunately, it shares a common flaw with other compact speakers in that it can’t reproduce the deep thump and rumble of bass-heavy music. However, there are EQ presets from which to choose a sound that is more to your liking, and a visual EQ isn’t there at all.


The Marshall Emberton II is a small, rectangular, portable Bluetooth speaker styled to seem like an amplifier. The Marshall Emberton, which came before it, is an obvious inspiration. The grille is black, while the symbol is a shining brass color. For our review, we used the “Black and Brass” color scheme, but there is also a “Cream” option.


The Marshall Emberton II can easily be taken anywhere. Just like the Marshall Emberton, this portable speaker is compact and light enough to hold with one hand. Since it operates off of batteries, you won’t need to worry about finding an accessible electrical socket when you take it outside.

Marshall Emberton II Speaker Black Friday

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Is Marshall Emberton good?

The Final Say. In terms of music, the Marshall Emberton holds its own. Listening to music through this dual speaker can transport you to another world. Its mid and treble registers are well-balanced, so vocalists and lead instruments come through loud and clear, and the bass is given a little extra boom and warmth.

Can you pair 2 Marshall Emberton speakers?

In order to activate or deactivate what Marshall terms “Stack Mode,” triple-press the Bluetooth button. To boost the volume, you can plug in more Marshall Emberton II speakers.

Which is better Stockwell or Emberton?

The Stockwell II is more robust and equipped with upgraded functions. Also, feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive regarding the model’s aesthetic. The Emberton model, on the other hand, is compact yet still packs a punch in terms of functionality and portability.

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2 new from $169.99
5 used from $157.09
as of March 17, 2023 9:23 pm
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8 new from $169.99
1 used from $129.99
as of March 17, 2023 9:23 pm
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1 used from $16.33
as of March 17, 2023 9:23 pm
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5 new from $209.99
18 used from $160.31
as of March 17, 2023 9:23 pm
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6 new from $214.99
10 used from $132.44
as of March 17, 2023 9:23 pm
Last updated on March 17, 2023 9:23 pm

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