Jarvis Desk Black Friday

12 Cool Jarvis Desk Presidents Day 2023 Deals and Sales: What to Expect

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While there are a plethora of options for standing desk manufacturers, Fully is among the elite. Plus, from now until the next Monday, November 30th, you can save 15% on anything in its online store to commemorate Cyber Monday. This includes the Jarvis standing desks and any optional extras, such as a monitor arm, powered grommet covers that provide additional plugs and USB charging ports, and so on. These discounts don’t negate the fact that these are still high-priced items, but they do give those with a home office a chance to move up a notch in the ergonomics rankings.

The Jarvis standing desk with a bamboo top starts at $484 as opposed to $569 if you prefer a solid wood tabletop over the more affordable but less sturdy MDF material. There are a number of factors, like desk size and any further adjustments you’d want, that will affect the final pricing.

Fully also makes more affordable desks, including the Remi laminate standing desk, which is currently $390 rather than $459. Several of the company’s fixed-height desks are currently discounted by fifteen percent.

Whether or not you plan on investing in a desk from Fully, you can use the company’s accessories with those of other manufacturers. The Topo anti-fatigue mat is an excellent investment for anyone who spends long periods of time on their feet while working at a desk. Reduced from $99, it’s now only $84. Price for the compact edition is $67.

Fully’s Jarvis desk-mountable monitor arm is another terrific option for the modern office. It can move in several directions, allowing you to position your monitor anywhere you like. When you spend $129, you can get this for $110.

Jarvis Desk Presidents Day 2023

Jarvis Desk Black Friday

Fully Jarvis whiteboard standing desk

The top of our standing desk is an erasable whiteboard, so you’ll always have a place to scribble down ideas as they occur to you. It otherwise mirrors the design of our bamboo desk.

Fully Jarvis monitor arm

Get your screen off your desk and into a more comfortable, ergonomic position with this monitor arm, available in your choice of three colours. It’s aesthetically pleasing, plus it frees up valuable desk space.

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Is Jarvis a good desk?

There are thousands of reviews for The Jarvis, and the average rating is quite near to 5 stars. It’s not a fluke; this is a top-notch standing desk. The reviews consistently praise the frame and top for their exceptional quality and durability.

Is Jarvis worth the money?

The Fully Jarvis Standing workstation may be a bit pricey, but it’s well worth it if you need a desk that can keep up with your busy work schedule.

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