Is The Post Office Open on Presidents Day 2023?

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Presidents Day 20232 is here and you want to know if the post office is open or closed on this day. So here in this post you will get the complete answer of your query. So keep reading.

On the Monday in Feb, Presidents Day, a national holiday honouring workers’ rights, takes place. To honour the anniversary, most workers are granted a day off, but this obviously means that many companies and services will be closed.

Keeping track of the post office’s hours of operation for major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving is often easier, but this isn’t always the case for smaller ones like Black Friday.

Because you’re here today, it’s probably because you’re curious about Presidents Day postal service office hours. Let’s get right to the point: Is the post office open today?

Is The Post Office Open on Presidents Day 2023?

Is The Post Office Open on Labor Day

On Monday, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be closed, as will all of its post offices.

Due to the Labor Day holiday, UPS and FedEx will not be delivering packages on Monday.

Is USPS open on Presidents Day? (2023)

The U.S. Postal Service will be closed on Christmas, Monday, FEB 6, 2023, as the post office does not operate on federal holidays. For this reason, all U.S. Postal Service branches in the area are closed today in honour of Independence Day.

Will mail and package delivery run on Presidents Day? (2023)

There will be no regular mail delivery on Presidents Day, as the US Postal Service does not operate on federal holidays and does not open for the holiday. You don’t have to go outside on September 6 to check your mailbox.

Priority Mail Express, on the other hand, is stated to be available 365 days a year. While self-service kiosks are likely to remain operational during the Labor Day weekend, you can always use the USPS locator to find out the most up-to-date information on service hours and locations.


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