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Is Target Open on Christmas 2022? – Check Holiday Hours

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Is Target open this year? You might be wondering if you develop a sudden hankering for seasonal candles or some last-minute fall decor. In a word, no. On Christmas 2021, as well as every Thanksgiving thereafter, Target will be closed.

On Monday, the store revealed its new holiday hours, explaining that staff would not be required to report for work on Christmas Day. The majority of its personnel will be able to work from home, however those in logistics and customer service may be required to punch in.

Target stores were shuttered across the country on Christmas for the first time in a decade because to the COVID-19 outbreak that hit hard in the first year. As of today, November 25th, the shift will remain in effect indefinitely.

Is Target Open on Christmas 2022?

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Target, Brian Cornell, said in a statement, “What started as a temporary measure motivated by the pandemic is now our new standard—one that honours our capacity to deliver on our guests’ holiday desires both within and well beyond store hours.”

But don’t worry, Target will be open early on Black Friday. The company said last week that most locations will reopen at 7 a.m. local time on Black Friday, so you can still take advantage of some of your favourite retailer’s finest Black Friday discounts. We can’t get enough of the 50% off 4K TV and the unusual discount on Dyson vacuums.

is target open on thanksgiving

Despite becoming the first big retailer to open on Thanksgiving, Target will soon be joined by other brands that traditionally remain closed, such as Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Nordstrom.

And Target isn’t the only megastore closing for the holidays in 2021; Walmart, which is also known for being open on Christmas Day, will do the same. Store closures on Thanksgiving Day are one way Walmart expresses gratitude to its employees for their “dedication and hard work this year,” according to a statement from Walmart’s executive vice president and chief operating officer Dacona Smith.

There will be several restaurants open on Thanksgiving, as well as many grocery stores, in case anything goes wrong with the family dinner. After all, we’ve all forgotten to defrost the turkey or left out an ingredient in everyone’s favourite side dish. You can still save the holiday, even if you won’t be able to quickly run to a store like Target or Walmart.

Since you won’t be able to physically arrive at the stores offering the best Black Friday deals any earlier than everyone else, you’ll have more time to create new traditions, prepare tasty dishes, and relax while watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. What a great way to celebrate the season! And if your demands aren’t time-sensitive, you can always check out!


Are targets closed on Thanksgiving?

Is it true that Target is closed on Thanksgiving? Unfortunately, Target will be closed on Thanksgiving in 2022, and it has no plans to change that policy in the foreseeable future. The company’s official Thanksgiving policy changed as of last year.


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