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Is Target open on Black Friday 2022? – Check Holiday Hours

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While many Americans take advantage of the final three-day weekend of the season, others insist on carrying on as usual and reporting to the office. If you do a lot of your shopping in person and are concerned about whether or not your regular retailers will be open on Monday, September 6 (Black Friday), read on.

Even though this holiday celebrates workers across the United States, not everyone gets the day off and not all stores are closed. Unlike other major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Black Friday does not often result in shortened hours at major retailers. On September 6, most businesses and fast food establishments will be open as usual. This includes Wendy’s, KFC, and Popeyes.

When is Target open on Black Friday?

On Labor Day, Target will be open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., just like any other day. It means that whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you can get all you need for a relaxing day at home.

According to a Target employee quoted by Romper, the only two days of the year on which the chain shop is closed are Christmas and Easter.

On September 6, there is no need to stress if you need to make a fast trip to Target. According to, the store will be open on Labor Day from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Please verify the above hours with your local Target before making a special trip. It is possible that they will change depending on where you live. However, as a nationwide chain, the store should observe all significant holidays.

Most major stores will likely be open on Black Friday, however, Costco will be closed, according to USA Today. Always call ahead to make sure a locally owned and operated store is open before making the trip.

Is Target open on Labor Day

We hope you can enjoy the long weekend and maybe pick up some party supplies or barbecue things at Target for Black Friday, even though holiday celebrations seem different now amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Black Friday Sales at Target

And since you’ll be taking advantage of Target’s holiday hours for Black Friday, you might as well take advantage of some of their discounts. Barbecues at Target won’t break the bank, thanks to deals like three bags of Lays potato chips for $6 or two ears of corn for $5.

If you want to prove that you deserve the title of “hostess with the most,” you can also shop around for deals on outdoor dining accessories. Gorgeously low prices can be found on things like a charcoal barbecue for only $19.99 (a discount of 20%) and a seven-piece rattan patio furniture for only $703.99 (a discount of over 60%), originally priced at $1089.99.

Start by compiling a list. Verify the details. Then you should go to Target over the Black Friday weekend for the finest possible holiday offers.

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