40 Best After Christmas iPad Deals 2022 & Cyber Monday – What to Expect

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After Christmas iPad Deals 2022 & Sales – After Christmas is still a few months away, but people like to plan ahead for iPad discounts, so it’s interesting to speculate on what the late-November sales season might bring now.

To that end, we have compiled this post to provide you with all the relevant details while leaving out the fluff.

It’s expected that sales would begin weeks before After Christmas (2022) on November 25 and continue until Cyber Monday (2020) on November 28.

Only one new iPad, the iPad Air (2022), has been released as of 2022, while some leakers have suggested that an affordable iPad (2022) could be released in the run-up to After Christmas. It’s conceivable that previous-generation products will be marked down in price as they get replaced by newer models following the introduction of new products.

Disappointingly for potential purchasers, Apple often does not offer large discounts on iPads during sales events like Black Friday and Prime Day. That was driven home in a big way on Black Friday 2022, when there were hardly any sales (and not very good when they were present).

If you’re trying to save money on an iPad on Black Friday, it’s best to approach the holiday with some measure of caution. This is good advice regardless of what you’re shopping for, though, as holiday sales typically aren’t as good as those seen at other times of the year.

After Christmas iPad Deals 2022

iPad Memorial Day Sales

We’re anticipating the release of a brand new line-up during the coming After Christmas iPad deals, with brand new models appearing on the shelves, and we’re hoping to see some discounts before the sale. These are the most sought-after deals from this year’s sale and it’s important to plan ahead as the best deals can sell out quickly.

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We’ve put together all of our hopes for the top After Christmas iPad deals 2022 here so that you can read up and prepare for the big celebration. We’re also giving you the best ways to shop early to take advantage of the best deals as well as our price predictions for the most recent models.

This year we enjoyed an array of Black Friday iPad deals on both old and new devices. But, the landscape will be quite different in 2022. There are new models available and prices for older models drop significantly lower than in the previous Black Friday periods.

2021 iPad Pros are currently the most talked about, while as is the iPad Air 4 was been able to fall below $500/PS500 a few times over the course of the year and we’ve got nine years of the ninth generation iPad as well as iPad Mini 6 to contend with. This means that things are quite difficult to assess in the present. The older generation iPad appears to be a bit spartan in the stores, and there’s very little inventory on Amazon because the new model was released to pre-orders, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see any major discount sales on the latest Mini when it launches in November.

The AirPods Pro is back at just $235, a $14 discount, and the only markdown we’ve seen for this model. Note: they are temporarily out of stock, but order now to lock in this low price.


Should you wait for a After Christmas iPad deal?

Black Friday iPad bargains typically don’t provide significant price cuts, typically around 10%-15% off, which can equate to price savings of $20 or less for lower-end tablets.

The best discounts we’ve seen this year have been around 20%, so if you see one now, it’s probably best to take advantage of it rather than wait until next year.

You can save even more money by purchasing a refurbished or pre-owned iPad instead of a newer, discounted one. The bottom line is that you should act quickly on any iPad sale you see before Black Friday.

When will the best After Christmas iPad deals start in 2022?

The iPad After Christmas sales, like those on most other electronic devices, will probably begin a week or two before the actual Black Friday date.

Every year around this time, stores both online and off want to entice you to spend all your money with them before you even think about checking out the competition. The beginning of the sales season creeps forward each year.

There may be offers in the days leading up to Black Friday, and there may be even more deals introduced by other businesses over the weekend.

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