Top 5 Blue Yeti Microphone Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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Everywhere you look on Black Friday, there will be a sale. Check out our blog post to learn about the discounts now available on Blue Yeti Microphones if that is an item you have been eyeing.

If you can’t quite afford the Blue Yeti at $139, you may always opt for the much more reasonably priced Blue Yeti Nano. It’s equipped with 2 bespoke microphone capsules that allow for high-quality voice recording and broadcasting. They are also popular among YouTubers, musicians, and Twitch streamers.

In our in-depth evaluation, we gave the Blue Yeti Nano high marks for its high-quality broadcast sound, customisable polar patterns, and sturdy construction. Additionally, we think it looks and feels professional, which is why we gave it a perfect score of 5 stars and named it an Editor’s Choice.

The Yeti Nano, like its more expensive relatives, is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS with only a plug and play. Its 24-bit/48-kilohertz recording quality is superior to that of its 16-bit/48-kilohertz sibling, Yeti. A metal alloy made of aluminium was used to build the device. This gave it a strong design and a good amount of weight.

The Blue Yeti Nano is a good investment if you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, Twitch channel, or online store.

The Blue Snowball Ice USB microphone is available on Amazon for $39 ($10 less than its regular price).

Take a look at our list of the top remaining Blue Yeti Black Friday discounts.

Blue Yeti Microphone Black Friday 2022

Blue Yeti Microphone Black Friday

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti is one of the best USB microphones on the market, and it just got $30 cheaper. It’s great for anyone who creates content online, from Twitch streamers to YouTubers to musicians.

Blue Yeti X – World of Warcraft

To celebrate Black Friday, Greatest Buy is offering $100 off the Blue Yeti X, making it the best deal you can find. The pricing is unbeatable, and even people who don’t play World of Warcraft will find the stylish grey and gold design appealing.

Blue Yeticaster

Black Friday savings bring a $10 discount to the Blue Yeticaster. If you need a boom mic that can be attached to something nearby, this is the one for you. Mics placed on top of desks tend to be too far away for optimal audio quality, and vibrations from a computer keyboard or mouse can be felt in the mic itself.

Blue Yeti X

If World of Warcraft isn’t your thing, the base model Blue Yeti X is still reasonably priced. You may save $30 on this high-quality and aesthetically pleasing USB mic. Use it for chatting, streaming, or voice overs and you won’t be let down with the Blue Yeti X.

Blue Yeti Nano

Black Friday savings of $20 off the Blue Yeti Nano. Those on a tight budget will appreciate this offer, while those who can spare the extra $20 might be better off with the conventional Blue Yeti. Even while the Nano can generate Carioid and Omni patterns, the regular Yeti can also do Figure-8 and Stereo. The Nano, however, is far more compact, making it ideal for mobile workers or those whose offices are cramped.

Yeti Blue Snowball Ice

With this Amazon Black Friday offer on the Blue Yeti snowball ice maker, you can save ten dollars. You may have a conference on your laptop or broadcast a game on Twitch without worrying about the quality of the audio.


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Does Blue Yeti have Black Friday deals?

The Blue Yeti is one of the best USB microphones on the market, and it just got $30 cheaper. It’s great for anyone who creates content online, from Twitch streamers to YouTubers to musicians.

Is the Blue Yeti still a good mic?

Even though the Blue Yeti isn’t as high-quality as a professional studio mic, it’s more than adequate for recording audio for online content creators.

What’s the best Yeti mic?

Overall, the Blue Yeti Nano’s amazing sound quality for the price makes it a great choice for podcasting, streaming, and recording vocals.

How expensive is a Blue Yeti mic?

The Blue Yeti arrived “officially” supported by Nuance and was suggested by other Mac users of Dragon. I thought $130 was a bit steep at first, but after getting my hands on and using it for a few weeks, I now consider it a steal.

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