Save 40% on Anker Soundcore Flare 2 Presidents Day 2023 Sales & Deals

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Checking out the Presidents Day sales for a new Bluetooth speaker? Then check out these awesome Anker Soundcore Flare 2 Speaker discounts on Amazon, which show that you don’t need a lot of money to sound like a rock star.

Portable Bluetooth speaker with flashing lights, the Anker Soundcore Flare 2 is ideal for parties on the go. It has trouble reproducing low bass, even with the BassUp setting enabled, and the high-frequency harmonics of singers and lead instruments might sound flat and muted. The app’s sound can be adjusted to your liking thanks to a visual equalizer and a selection of presets. It’s not loud enough to fill a stadium, but you may connect numerous units to spread the sound over a large gathering.

When it comes to music, the Anker Flare 2 holds its own. Even with BassUp turned on, it has trouble reproducing bass notes. Vocals and lead instruments stand out while higher frequency sounds like sibilants can be muffled and underwhelming. Additionally, the volume level is relatively low. The app that goes along with it has a visual equalizer and presets so that you may adjust the sound to your preference. It can also be used in conjunction with an array of speakers to spread audio over a raucous setting such as a party.

Anker Soundcore Flare 2 Black Friday



The Anker Soundcore Flare 2 is a portable speaker that packs a powerful punch for its size. It has a tight fabric wrapping around it so that it can stand upright. The speaker has a ring of lights on both the top and bottom that may be disabled if desired. This speaker is available in both “Black” and “Blue” colors for purchase.


When it comes to portability, the Anker Soundcore Flare 2 is second to none. It’s portable and light enough to hold in one hand. In addition, you can take it outside without worrying about finding a power outlet because it runs on batteries.

Build Quality

You can expect a sturdy product from Anker with the Soundcore Flare 2. It has a sturdy build and rests securely on a rubber footing. The fabric protecting the speaker doesn’t look like it could be torn with much effort. It’s water-resistant to an IPX7 standard, however we don’t check for that at the moment. The instructions stresses the importance of not dropping it.

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