Top 10 Air Hockey Table Presidents Day 2023 Deals & Sales: What to Expect

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Two competitors face off against one another on a low-resistance table in the sport of air hockey. You’ll need a puck, some paddles, and an air hockey table to play. Currently, you may choose from a variety of table designs when shopping for an air hockey table. You can’t have a satisfying game of air hockey without a high-quality table, so it’s important to take your time in making your selection.

What better way to celebrate Presidents Day than with a brand new air hockey table? Here are a few of the greatest Presidents Day bargains on air hockey tables we could find. This is your chance to buy an Air Hockey Table if you have been searching for a good price. I’ve made a complete inventory of the Presidents Day  deals on Air Hockey Tables.

To save the most money on a high-quality air hockey table, wait for the best offers to be released on . You may play a variety of games in the comfort of your own home, and air hockey is just one of them. Searching for a Presidents Day deal on an air hockey table? We’ve done our best to include everything from tables to paddles to goals, so there should be something here for everyone who’s looking for an air hockey set. Here are some great deals I found for you on Air Hockey Tables for Presidents Day  and Cyber Monday, 2023.

Some truly spectacular Air Hockey Tables are now available as part of the Presidents Day sales event. We’ve compiled the most up-to-date information available on Presidents Day sales for air hockey tables in 2023. Here is a rundown of some of the best sales that will be happening on Presidents Day and Cyber Monday for air hockey tables in 2023.

Air Hockey Table Presidents Day  2023

Air Hockey Table Black Friday

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table

The size of this model’s reputation precedes it. Quite a bit of room is needed for this jewel. The roominess of the table facilitates effortless movement around it.

The inclusion of lights in the design increases the excitement of the game. While you play, you may adjust the atmosphere with the use of an in-table control panel that lets you adjust the lighting and the music. Pucks that light up when hit make for an exciting addition to the table. It’s really neat, huh?

The included electronic score keeper relieves players of the additional mental load of maintaining score. A 120-volt motor is included in the atomic top shelf 7.5, which improves realism by increasing airflow.

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

Not to worry if you don’t have enough room to store all of your favourite table games. The top of the swivel multi-game table may be flipped over to reveal a pool table, table tennis net, or ping pong surface. Incredible, right?

The table’s 32-inch height makes it suitable for both tall and short people. There’s plenty of room to play because to its breadth of almost 32 inches.

There are additionally locking joints installed to ensure the table won’t move while in use. The puck stays put thanks to the rims.

Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table

The following Black Friday Deal 2022 is for a Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table.

This table is among the priciest options available today. In addition to the atomic library’s electronic scorekeeper.

The computerised scoreboard that comes standard with the Viper Vancouver 7.5 also displays the remaining time in each quarter.

Each quarter’s duration is completely up to you, from ten minutes to infinity.

The triangular shape of the scoreboard makes it easy for everyone to keep tabs on their standings and remaining time.

The puck can be moved with the help of an attached motor that blasts air.

in stock
4 new from $69.76
as of May 27, 2023 10:45 am
in stock
20 used from $25.68
as of May 27, 2023 10:45 am
in stock
3 new from $913.75
1 used from $1,074.99
as of May 27, 2023 10:45 am
in stock
2 new from $105.58
10 used from $69.95
as of May 27, 2023 10:45 am
in stock
1 used from $592.26
as of May 27, 2023 10:45 am
in stock
21 used from $75.47
as of May 27, 2023 10:45 am
in stock
1 used from $158.39
as of May 27, 2023 10:45 am
in stock
2 new from $749.99
as of May 27, 2023 10:45 am
Last updated on May 27, 2023 10:45 am


Are air hockey tables worth it?

Adding an air hockey table to your game room is a wise decision. Both young and old may enjoy it. Finding the perfect air hockey table for a group of people might be challenging.

What is a full-size air hockey table?

The air hockey table is 8 feet in length. It’s large enough for two players, possibly three for smaller teams. There will be lots of open space to shoot the puck and get rebounds, and the game will go at a high clip.

What is the standard height of an air hockey table?

Air hockey tables are required to have dimensions of 84 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 32 inches in height.

How heavy is an air hockey table?

Some air hockey tables weigh as much as 340 pounds, while others weigh much less. Both the table’s size and its quality have an impact on how much it weighs.

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Final Word

The arcade game of Air Hockey is one of the most hotly contested. Instead of spending money on short-term entertainment at an arcade, why not invest in an air hockey table? We’ve gathered all the best Presidents Day 2023 Air Hockey Table sales and put them in one convenient location for you right here.

After Christmas is here, and we have some fantastic prices on air hockey tables. You can save a lot of money on an Air Hockey Table with these sales. View our online store to see what we have to offer this year and to take advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Cheap Air Hockey Tables are easy to come by right now. Here is a complete rundown of all the deals that will be available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t procrastinate any longer—go out and buy your preferred video game right this second! For further details on each discount, please read the blog article we’ve provided below. I hope you like your shopping experience.

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