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The best-selling headphones are all on sale for a ridiculously low price for Black Friday 2023, from over-ear models to on-ear models to earbuds and every wireless option in between.

Among the many digital items available at discounted prices around Black Friday, headphones stand out as a must-buy. Prices for the top-tier models typically range from $249 to $399. It’s tough, I know. You’ll need to pick your preferred brand (Apple, Bose, Samsung, Beats, etc.) and then determine whether you want in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear headphones and whether you want wireless, bluetooth, and Siri/Alexa compatibility. We went ahead and shopped around for the best price you can find right now.

There is now a greater variety than ever before of headphones to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

We’ll break down the sales by the most popular stores (Amazon, Walmart, and Target) and the many types of headphones that might pique your interest:

Over-ear headphones include ear cups that are designed to completely enclose the ear. The padded ear cups contribute to their superior noise isolation, comfort, and sound quality.

On-ear headphones don’t enclose your ears, but rather lie on top of them. Because of their smaller size and less weight, in-ear headphones are ideal for use when traveling. On-ear headphones, in contrast to over-the-ear devices, allow some air circulation without sacrificing sound clarity.

Earphones that fit in the ear canal: Earbuds, often known as in-ear headphones, fit snugly inside the ear canal despite their little size. They’re the lightest and most easily carried around, making them a good pick for working out while traveling or on the go.

True wireless headphones don’t require a physical cable or wire to connect to your device; instead, they use Bluetooth technology. Over-the-ear, on-the-ear, and in-the-ear styles exist, and many come with buttons for adjusting the volume, playing the music, and answering and making phone calls.

Hearing Protection Headphones: In order to block out unwanted noise, noise-cancelling headphones employ sophisticated engineering. They use microphones to take in ambient noise and then create cancellation signals. In noisy environments or while traveling, these headphones are a necessity for uninterrupted music listening.